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DENVER (KDVR) — If you’ve run into some trouble in your love life, there’s a new art exhibit on the Dairy Block in Lower Downtown Denver you have to check out!

It’s called, “Always Forever Yours” and it was created by Scott Young.

“It’s a work of art that I’ve had the public collaborate with,” Young said.

The artist put out a request asking people to send in love letters or letters of heartache.

“Most of the letters we get in the mail are these letting go letters. They’re not really truly love letters,” Young said.

Over a four-day period, Young received more than 1,200 letters.

Some of the heartache notes said the following:

“Why am I writing a love letter to a man who isn’t my husband?”

“The worst part is, you are not even a good kisser”.

“To everyone I’ve loved, sorry I’m a Gemini”.

The list goes on!

“It’s interesting in that voyeristic way, to be able to see people’s vulnesrabitliy,” Young explained.

If you so choose, you can have your love/loathe letters shredded at Scott Young’s Studio as well.

The exhibit runs through February 28.

You can check it out for yourself Thursday-Sunday from 11am-8pm.

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