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BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — Families, strangers and friends of people who lost pets in the Marshall Fire gathered around the Humane Society of Boulder Valley to honor the lives lost.

“I’m so very sorry to all the people with their animals — my heart is with you; I cant imagine,” Julia Spiker, who attended the vigil, said.

As of right now, HSBV stated they don’t have the exact number of pets lost but they did have 50 animals brought in to the shelter located off of 55th Street in Boulder. What’s more, Animal Control Supervisor Sara Spensieri said four animals were brought in to the Longmont Humane Society.

“We don’t have kids, so our pets are our kids to us,” Lynn Herklotz, who attended the vigil, said.

One of the main reasons so many pets perished in the fire is because owners were at work, and the fires moved so quickly that people weren’t able to return to their homes.

“For the animals we couldn’t find or didn’t have time to get into trailers, we would cut them loose,” Spensieri said.

Several people spoke at the vigil, and grieving resources were handed out to families in attendance.

“We all love our pets. That’s why we do animal control. That’s why the humane society is here,” Spensieri said.

Spensieri said those still missing their pets should not give up hope and take the steps to help find them. Report your pet missing and send a photo to this link. The humane society will add their photo to the lost pets link.

Also, continue to check multiple shelter websites across the state and Facebook pages for your pet. You can view found pets here.