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DENVER (KDVR) — A Medina Alert has been canceled following a deadly hit-and-run crash Friday night in Denver.

Denver police confirm the truck wanted in connection with the crash was located Saturday in Lakewood. 

According to the Denver Streets Partnership, it’s the 35th deadly crash on Federal Boulevard since Vision Zero was adopted in Denver in 2016.

“We know that it’s dangerous and these crashes are going to keep happening until we make major changes,” Jill Locantore said.

The intersection features multiple bus stops, a light rail stop and multiple lanes of fast-moving traffic. 

Gilbert Indeo said it’s not uncommon to see people running across the road to try and catch a bus. 

“They can’t get across the street fast enough,” he said. “Then they see an opening, and they say, ‘go for it!’”

Police have released few details about the crash, and it remains unclear if the person had the right-of-way or not. 

The crash happened just feet away from the Colorado Department of Transportation’s headquarters, where Locantore said more needs to be done in conjunction with the Regional Transportation District and the city of Denver to prevent more tragedy in this area.

“We’re asking it to be a highway and move as many cars as fast as possible, but we’re also asking it to be a transit-oriented main street,” she said. “With that many people outside of cars walking up and down the street, trying to get across the street, as long as the street is designed like a highway, people are inevitably going to be killed over and over.”