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WARNING: The video above contains offensive language

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LOS ANGELES — Reporters are used to being the ones who put folks on the hot seat.

But Jake Hamilton, an unsuspecting entertainment reporter from Houston, soon found his own seat warming up during an interview with Samuel L. Jackson about the new film “Django Unchained.”

It all started when Hamilton said this: “There is a lot of controversy surrounding the usage of the ‘n-word’ in this movie.”

It’s true. The new film, in which Jackson stars, uses the racial slur 110 times. Spike Lee is boycotting it for that very reason, calling such indulgence “unacceptable.”

Based on his reply to Hamilton’s statement, it would seem that Jackson disagrees.

When asked about the n-word usage in the movie, Jackson jested “No? Nobody? None? The word would be?”

“I’m not going to say it,” Hamilton responded.

“Why not?” Jackson asked.

“I don’t want to say it,” Hamilton said.

“Have you ever said it?” Jackson asked.

“No, sir,” Hamilton said.

“Try it,” Jackson said.

“I don’t…” Hamilton started.

“TRY IT!” Jackson insisted.

“Really?” Hamilton said.

“We’re not going to have this conversation unless you say it,” Jackson said.

Jackson eventually permitted Hamilton to move on to another question, laughing while he did so.

While Jackson has not responded to the video from the interview, which was posted on YouTube Wednesday morning, it would seem that the actor falls into the camp who believes the n-word is given too much power by the people who are too afraid to use it.

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