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DENVER — A Denver Police Officer was caught on camera using excessive force outside a city diner in 2009, but a game-changing decision was handed down by the Civil Service Commission just on Friday.

After 6 years, the Civil Service Commission finally brought an end to an excessive force dispute with the Denver Police Department and fired the officer involved.

Back in July of 2009 four women were seen being shoved to the ground and even maced by Denver Police Officers Ricky Nixon and Kevin Devine.  This incident was caught on camera outside a Denver Diner.

They claim that they had done nothing to provoke the officers.  It took two years before this HALO camera video was released, but it eventually sealed the fate of Officers Nixon and Devine.

Those two officers were fired in 2011, after the video came out, but were shortly reinstated and allowed back on the streets by the Denver Civil Service Commission.

The four women involved were awarded a $360,000 settlement by the city.  They continued the fight to get the officers Nixon and Devine fired.

After a decision made in Aug 2015, over 6 years after the incident,  Ricky Nixon was officially fired.  The other officer involved, Kevin Devine, quit in 2013.

The deciding officials cited several instances were Nixon made false statements about that July 2009 night.   However after review, the video could not support an advancing crowd or other claims he made.

After 6 years of trying to deceive the commission and skew the facts, he could no longer run from the truth on the video, the commission concluded that Officer Nixon committed numerous materially deceptive acts.