DENVER (KDVR) – New video obtained by FOX31 shows the moments during a recent bus crash near Denver International Airport.

A total of 70 passengers were on board that bus on March 28th when RTD says the driver suffered an “operator emergency,” leaving the road and crashing into a light pole. 

No injuries were reported, according to passengers on the bus

That video shows the driver’s head hitting the steering wheel, as the bus veers to the right over multiple lanes of traffic before leaving the road. 

“At that point, when we felt the bus starting to tip a little bit, we said ‘uh oh, this is a problem, this is going to cause a lot of people to get hurt.’” said Dean Vlachos. 

Vlachos said they were just starting to settle in for the trip to Boulder when the bus suddenly veered off the road. 

“It felt like someone had just hit us,” he says. “Then we realized we were off the road because we could feel the dirt behind us, and also the bus was starting to wobble around a little bit.”

Surveillance video shows seated passengers grabbing for railings, as standing passengers fell to the floor. 

The bus continued before coming to a stop. 

“It was extremely scary, because we didn’t know how this was going to stop,” says Vlachos. “We waited for the tip that never came, and at that point the bus finally did slow.”

Two extra buses were sent to pick up those passengers, and the driver was taken to the hospital. 

According to Vlachos, no obvious passenger injuries were visible.