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ARVADA, Colo. — The storms that rolled across metro Denver Monday won’t soon be forgotten by people like Chad Greenlees.

The Arvada resident was filming the storm on Monday evening when he captured a lightning bolt hitting his neighborhood. The bolt also left the husband and father paralyzed for a few minutes.

“I was incoherent, my ear still really hurts and rings still,” Greenlees said.

The storm left over 11,000 people without power on Monday evening, but by Tuesday night almost all of the previous homes with outages had been restored.

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Several FOX31 Denver viewers sent in photos of the storm that also left other residents in Arvada cleaning up tree limbs and hail damage.

Along 72nd Street in West Arvada, roofing repair contractors spent Tuesday going door-to-door to offer cleanup services.

Other damage included trees falling onto cars and some homeowners saw minor flooding.

Greenlees’ video from Monday night: