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WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. — The victim of a hit-and-run spoke out Tuesday from his hospital bed wanting people to help in the search for the driver who left him seriously hurt in the street.

The crash happened the night of June 25 at Kipling Street and the I-70 Frontage Road in Wheat Ridge.

Christopher Baca spoke to FOX31’s Macradee Aegerter.

“I can’t eat, I can’t sleep at night because I’m in so much pain,” Baca said.

He’s been in the hospital since a white GMC pickup truck hit him.

Baca said the driver accelerated as he drove over his bike and body before fleeing from the scene. “All I remember after that is being wedged underneath the truck and drug through the intersection on my butt, over my bike and I could hear the truck switch gears and accelerate over me.”

He remembers witnesses screaming for someone to get the driver as he was in the middle of the road, nearly bleeding to death. “They were so worried about  me and trying to stop traffic. But I remember trying to get up and one guy said you can’t get up.”

The witnesses tended to Baca, but no one got the license plate number of the truck.

Baca is receiving treatment for a broken femur, ruptured pelvis and damage to his internal organs. All he wants now is justice.

“I wouldn’t necessarily hold any grudges.  I just wish he would come forward because you just put my life in a bind because I have two little girls that I need to take care of and now they are going to have to suffer for somebody else’s mistake.”