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DENVER — We often hear about the brutality of the terrorist group ISIS. But an American publisher is taking its acts of violence to a new form of media.

The comic book/coloring book is unlike any we grew up with. The book is in black and white, but some say its message is a little bit more murky.

Inside the Veteran and Military Student Center at the Tivoli in Denver, students flip through the pages of “ISIS A Culture of Evil A True To Life Graphic Comic Book.

“It ties in events that are actually happening,” said Christopher Garcia, a Marine veteran who is a student at Metro State University. “Who hasn’t seen these guys lined up, the Egyptians, and executed on the beach?”

The anti-ISIS coloring book is not for children and nothing like these military and war veterans have seen before.

“There’s a lot more of a message in it than a coloring book for a child. The messages I usually get are fluffy animals prancing about. This one is ISIS is evil,” Garcia said.

It shows Jihadi John, who is seen on ISIS videos beheading multiple people, a Jordanian Air Force pilot burned alive and blindfolded gay people thrown off a roof.

The book also shows defenses against ISIS with air-to-surface missiles, a B-2 stealth bomber and questions if boots on the ground are next.

It ends by asking “Who will stop ISIS … before they stop you?”

“That is very appalling that they’ve made a coloring book. Coloring I associate with joy, happiness and relaxation,” said Steven Brown, a 15-year Army veteran and now a Metro student.

Brown worries the book is nothing more than propaganda that can cause harm in the wrong hands.

“Will it get laid around? Will children pick it up? Will it influence their ideas? I think that is a poison,” he said.

But the book’s publisher said each page puts the truth in the hands of the consumer.

“These are real events, real people that are murdered by ISIS. It’s fact. If they want to call it propaganda that’s their choice,” Wayne Bell said.

He said every image comes from ISIS’ own website and feeds. Truth or propaganda? The opinions are as colorful as a book whose answers aren’t so black and white.

“There’s many views to one story. It just depends whose interpreting and whose reading it,” Brown said.

The last page of the book lists phone numbers and emails of organizations that you can call to demand more U.S. action against ISIS. It’s already sold out on Amazon.

You can still buy it through the publisher.