Vandal caught on camera spray painting homes in Denver’s Curtis Park neighborhood

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DENVER — A vandal is creating headaches for several homeowners in the Curtis Park neighborhood.

Someone has been spray painting multiple properties in the area, and just recently, the vandal was caught on camera.

John Pirkopf’s “Ring” doorbell camera caught the man vandalizing and spray painting a wall behind his home.

“You can see it from the front of our house. You can see it from pretty far away. It’s a pretty bold tag,” said Pikopf. “I just think it’s disrespectful.”

If the man notices the camera, he doesn’t let on.

“He almost looks at it and it just doesn’t phase him,” Pirkopf said.


Others say they are bothered by the man’s calm and deliberate approach. In the video, he never appears to be in a hurry, but rather is very methodical about his actions. He also tagged the homes during the middle of the day.

“If it had been my garage door, I’d have a more physical reaction to it,” said Ken Miller, a man who has lived in Curtis Park for 38 years.

Miller has seen graffiti in the alley in the past, but never has it been caught on camera.

“We relate it to gang activity, not that they live here, but they’re transiting and then they get into graffiti wars,” Miller said.

Denver police are investigating but are not saying the graffiti is connected to gang activity.

Graffiti is just one of the neighbors’ concerns. Pirkopf bought the camera when he noticed his garage was suddenly being used as a toilet.

“You get these nooks and crannies where people can go and shoot drugs and go to the bathroom,” he said.

Pirkopf hopes cameras like his will not only help police catch the vandal, but also deter future crimes.

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