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DENVER — Restaurant week is one of the most popular times in Denver, attracting thousands of people to downtown and metro Denver.

But Wednesday, as the dinner hour was wrapping-up, a valet was attacked right in the middle of all of it.

The video shows a valet jogging back to Prime Steakhouse having a brief, but dangerous, encounter with a homeless man.

Video shows the suspect bumping into the valet and then swiping at him with a knife. The valet fell to his knees as his friend Jake Forester came running.

“I didn’t get there in time. I think the man reached for (the victim’s) keys or moneybag. That’s when (the victim) got stabbed,” said Forester.

Denver police are still looking for the man who was apparently holding a bag of towels.
He was last seen walking briskly towards the 16th Street Mall.

Cameras recorded the attack and they’ve been busy in February. We counted nearly 20 assaults and 10 robberies during the past four weekends.

The crimes come at a busy time for downtown Denver with restaurant week kicking-off at popular places like Charcoal in the Golden Triangle.

“We were just in 5280 magazine as one of the best new restaurants in Denver, so we feel privileged,” said Arik Sandoval, the restaurant’s general manager.

Some diners in downtown say they are concerned but are undeterred. They are counting on Denver police for a continued presence.