Holding your phone while driving could soon be illegal in Colorado

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DENVER — It’s already against the law in Colorado to send a text message while behind the wheel.

But could holding your phone to make a call or use Google Maps also soon be illegal?

That is a real possibility.

SB-12 has been introduced to ban the use of holding your phone or any other electronic device while driving. 

“This bill is not a prohibition against using your cell phone while driving it is a prohibition against holding your cell phone while driving,” Senator Lois Court (D-Denver) said.

Court’s bill would impose a $300 fine for a first violation. Fines would be higher for subsequent violations.

“Our cars are not moving phone booths,” Court said. .

Drivers are mixed on the idea.

“I feel the need to check my phone when I drive all the time,” Alfrado Acevedo, a driver who says a ban would help him, said.

“There are times when we actually do have to use it you know we are businessman,”  Kevin Woodman, a driver who isn’t sure if this is the best idea, said.

Similiar legislation was introduced in 2018 but was voted down because of Republican opposition in the Senate. Democrats now control the State Senate.

An initial hearing on the legislation is expected on Thursday.




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