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AURORA, Colo. — The website says “whites only” and when Aurora’s Rocky Mountain Urgent Care was asked why, it sent its chief operating officer to speak to us.

“Obviously, it’s not our website,” Carlos Escobar said. “It’s a local webpage that somebody put up.”

Escobar said his team at Rocky Mountain is moving quickly to find out who created the false Yahoo business website and why. Escobar said his clinic serves the diverse people of Aurora and always has.

“This is not the kind of place where we discriminate against anyone or tolerate discrimination,” he said.

Internet experts say fake postings such as this one happen all the time.

“It’s more of a business owner beware. You’ve got a world out there where people think this is funny,” Charles Tendell said.

Tendell said if businesses don’t register their sites first on big search engines such as Google, Yelp and Yahoo, someone else can.

“A user could go out there and register a profile and gather that information,” he said.