University of Colorado bans hoverboards from dorms


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BOULDER, Colo. — The University of Colorado Boulder banned hoverboards in residence halls after the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission launched an investigation into the fire risks of the battery-powered devices.

“It does look pretty scary,” sophomore Erick Jeron said of the videos showing hoverboard son fire.

Another student, senior Johnathon Broussard said, “I mean that would be a pretty ridiculous way to go – if a hoverboard exploded and you lost your life or were seriously injured.”

The University’s new ban on the devices in dorm rooms went into effect Jan. 1, the school said.

“We just don’t want them in the residence halls where they can be charged, and that’s sometimes where the fires happen is when they’re being charged,” CU Boulder Spokesman Ryan Huff said.

Huff added that fire safety is their top priority.

“That’s why candles or other things that could ignite are already banned from the residence halls, so now we’ve just added hoverboards to that list.”

Sophomore Andre Yovine said most of his dorm mates will likely be disappointed.

“I have a lot of friends who did get them for Christmas presents,” Yovine said.

But he understood the precaution.

“If they’re gonna explode or something, I mean, I don’t want them catching fire in the dorms putting everyone else’s safety at risk,” Yovine said.

Hoverboards are still allowed on campus sidewalks but not on a roadway, except when the user is crossing in a crosswalk.

University officials also point out that anyone using a hoverboard who collides with a pedestrian on campus could be cited.

“If you were to cause an accident on a skateboard, a hoverboard, a bicycle, you could be cited for inattentive driving,” Huff said.

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