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GLENWOOD SPRINGS — Each week I travel hundreds of miles around our state searching for stories that are Unique 2 Colorado! But I’m gonna’ let you in on a little secret (one my producers don’t even know)… I’m also in search of the best Buffalo Wings the Rocky Mountain region has to offer!

Having grown up in Upstate New York as a kid (only 3 hours away from Buffalo, NY where Buffalo Wings originated) I developed an appreciation for wings at a young age. Oddly enough I can still remember where I was when I tried my first Buffalo Wing (on the front porch of my childhood friend’s home on James Street in Rome, NY — Age: 10). After that day I was hooked! I kid you not… Buffalo Wings are my favorite food — EVER.

When I moved to Denver in 2009 I immediately started searching for a good wing spot. Unfortunately, nearly every place I visited was a disappointment. I quickly learned most Colorado restaurants and diners don’t know what a ‘good wing’ truly is.

But after galavanting across Colorado for nearly a decade (I’ve literally been everywhere in this state), I discovered some hidden gems I’m finally ready to share with the rest of you wonderful folks!

So here you go — my TOP 5 wing joints:

1 – Willy’s Wings in Morrison, CO

Hands down the best wings I’ve had in Colorado. A friend of a friend introduced me to this place back in 2010. Ever since then it’s been my go-to place for traditional Buffalo Wings. The thing I love most about Willy’s is how they crisp their wings in a traditional Buffalo-style fashion. You might have to wait 20 minutes for your wings – but by golly is it worth it! And man oh man is Morrison a stunning town!

2 – Woody’s Wings in Aurora, CO

A couple years after discovering Willy’s, I learned about Woody’s — and set sail for Aurora! These wings are similar to Willy’s, but a little larger in size. Their sauces are incredible (I’m a Medium fella myself). The wings are pretty crispy too! Just not as crispy as Willy’s.

3 – Sports Column in Denver, CO

I found this place last year. I live in LODO (Lower Downtown Denver) near Coors Field and had been looking for a good wing joint in my area FOREVER! Fortunately I stumbled upon Sports Column. What I appreciate most about their wings is the sauce. Although I’m a ‘Medium’ guy, I always go with ‘Mild’ here. Their mild sauce has a delicious twist to it that’s hard to describe — so I recommend you try it out for yourself!

4 – Glenwood Canyon Brewpub in Glenwood Springs, CO

I found this brewpub during my first couple of years in Colorado. I was on assignment out here for work and was looking for a place with a good beer selection, as well as good wings. Boy did I hit the jackpot! Similar to Sports Column, I fell in love with Glenwood Canyon’s wing sauce. They created something special here. However, if you like your wings crispy make sure you order them ‘extra crispy’. I learned that after a couple of visits.

5 – Ouray Brewery in Ouray, CO

I don’t get down to Ouray too often; maybe a couple times each year. But when I do I make it a point to stop at the Ouray Brewery. I hadn’t had much luck finding traditional Buffalo Wings in southwest Colorado until I made a random stop there many moons ago (probably 5 years back). Ouray Brewery’s wings are tossed perfectly in hot sauce and served with either bleu cheese or ranch dip (True Buffalo Wing lovers always go with Bleu Cheese).

So there you go. Now you know my secret spots! Enjoy!

Do you know of a good wing joint I should check out? If so, please let me know about it! You can e-mail me at or message me on my Facebook page. Thanks!