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BAILEY, Colo. — After the Washington State Department of Transportation tweeted out a photo of what some employees believed to be a “Bigfoot,” plenty of people across the nation found themselves glued to the image, including folks in the tiny town of Bailey, Colorado.

Coincidentally, Bailey is home to The Sasquatch Outpost. Jim Myers and his wife own it.

“We’re all about Bigfoot!” said Myers. “This is Sasquatch central in Colorado!”

Since opening several years ago, Myers and his wife have welcomed more than 20,000 visitors to their outpost and museum.

A good chunk of those visitors have had sightings themselves, according to Myers.

“We have people that call us or come in every week,” Myers said. “There are some phenomenal stories.”

Without a doubt, the focus this week for visitors has been on the Washington State Department of Transportation photo.

“It’s either someone in a Bigfoot suit who knew the camera was there or it’s an [actual] Bigfoot,” Myers told a visitor who asked him about the photo. “It’s worth looking at.”

While Bigfoot sightings in Colorado span the entire state, Myers said there have been plenty in Bailey. In fact, inside his Sasquatch museum, Myers has a “sighting board” showing all of the locations around Colorado.

“Every pin on here is a story from someone who came in the store and had an experience,” he said.

The Sasquatch Outpost’ is located at 149 Main Street in Bailey. It’s open six days a week and is closed on Tuesdays.