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DENVER — They might not be the biggest stories happening around our state this Thursday, but they sure are Unique 2 Colorado!


We’ll begin with a warning to every Coloradan, including those who’ve lived in our state for a while or for only a short time (as well as newbies). Colorado Parks and Wildlife is reminding people to STAY AWAY from any moose they might come across.

According to Colorado Parks & Wildlife, Colorado is one of the only states seeing its moose population grow. Recent statistics show Colorado’s moose population at 2,500+.

Certain communities in our state, including Steamboat Springs, are seeing more of the animals moving closer into town, which can create dangerous situations.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife is asking people to: not approach any moose and never, ever bring your dogs near them (moose have poor eye sight and think dogs are wolves, which are one of their primary enemies).

You can learn more helpful tips from our state’s wildlife experts by clicking here.


In Colorado Springs, high above the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, is a shrine dedicated to the famous humorist: Will Rogers.

The monument was created by the legendary Spencer Penrose, who among other things, founded the famous Broadmoor and Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

You can learn why Penrose dedicated the shrine to Rogers by clicking here.


Each Thursday, we like to focus on a business, company or store that’s ‘Unique 2 Colorado’. This week, we’re highlighting the ‘Genesee Candy Land and Fudge Factory‘ off of I-70 in Golden!

The candy shop is full of nostalgic goodies, including 30 flavors of fudge, truffles, nut clusters and chocolates. Speaking of chocolate, they even sell chocolate-covered bacon! (We know because they sent us a box of it!)

You can check the nifty candy land out by visiting its website!

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