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LOVELAND, Colo. — There is an effort underway to bring a wildlife rehabilitation facility for all species to northern Colorado.

After the Larimer Humane Society’s WildKind program closed in 2012, a good chunk of northern Colorado has been without a center.

While there are nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping birds of prey in the area and other specific species, Kate Boyd and other members of the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center want to create a facility for all sorts of wildlife.

“Eventually, if we had the space and resources, if we could do larger animals like bears and wolves and things like that — and work up to that — that would be amazing!” said Boyd. 

Boyd said there is the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Longmont, but its main focus is on Boulder County.

Currently, the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center only takes in reptiles and amphibians. That’s simply because it’s based out of Boyd’s home.

“We are getting quite full, quite fast,” Boyd said.

Boyd is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Other members and volunteers also have years of experience with wildlife. 

Last year, the nonprofit received close to 100 calls regarding wildlife conflict calls in northern Colorado. They helped rescue raccoons, snakes and other species.

Now, the group is looking to expand by building a large facility that can take in all kinds of species.

“For the most part, we need space. We need a location,” Boyd said.

The nonprofit has been raising money and has enough to start building an actual facility. It’s just hoping to find land where it can do so. 

Anyone who might be able to help is asked to contact the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center.