Newest, smartest creature at the Downtown Aquarium in Denver

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Octopus at the Downtown Aquarium – Denver

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DENVER — Every single one of the 800 species featured at the Downtown Aquarium in Denver has their own unique features. But when it comes to brain power, no species compares to the new resident who just moved into the aquarium.

“So this is Moose,” said Dannel Isaac, an Aquarium Biologist.

‘Moose’ is a Giant Pacific Octopus. On average, they weigh between 60-100 lbs.

“So she can change her textures and colors for defense or also for hunting to camouflage from prey,” Isaac said.

‘Moose’ is considered the smartest creature at the aquarium.

“So they do have 3 hearts. One main heart that pumps blood to the body and then two smaller hearts that pumps blood to the gills,” Isaac said. “And brains, they have one true main brain. And then they have 8 others – they’re not true brains – they’re ganglia – so they’re compacts of nerves so they can move their arms independently”.

Each one of ‘Moose’s’ arms has 200 suckers. You can learn more about the other species at the Downtown Aquarium – Denver by clicking here.

To learn more about ‘Moose’ and octopi in general, select ‘play’ on the video above and watch Kevin Torres’ Unique 2 Colorado series. If you have a story idea that’s Unique 2 Colorado, message Kevin Torres on Facebook.


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