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DENVER — Nearly 100,000 people move to Colorado every year.  It’s one of the fastest growing states in the entire country.

So, odds are those newcomers don’t yet know the culinary secrets of the Centennial State.  That’s where we come in.

We’re introducing you to some of the most unique restaurants in Colorado.  Here are the restaurants featured in our half-hour special, “A Newcomer’s Guide to Colorado’s Craziest Restaurants.” Watch the full special above.

Casa Bonita, Lakewood.  This is the restaurant featured in the Comedy Central show, “South Park” – with a 30 foot tall waterfall and cliff divers.

The Airplane Restaurant, Colorado Springs.  This is the restaurant with a dining room in the fuselage of an old Boeing KC-97 Air Force refueling tanker.

Bruce’s Bar, Severance.  Bruce’s is home to the unofficial state dish of Colorado, Rocky Mountain Oysters (bull testicles).

The Buckhorn Exchange, Denver.  It’s the oldest steakhouse in the Mile High City, with more than 500 stuffed animal heads hanging on the walls.  Five U.S. presidents have dined here.

Shooters Grill, Rifle.  A diner where the Second Amendment is the first priority.  Waitresses carry guns, and so do a lot of the customers.

The Broker, Denver.  This upscale restaurant calls an old bank vault home.