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OURAY — Colorado is home to plenty of famous musicians, both past and present.

Our state tends to attract folks who like to search for inspiration in the mountains, like Cie and Carrisa Hoover.

“Well, we were based out of Nashville for a long time,” explained Cie. 

The couple spent six and a half years touring the country, until they made a move to Ouray.

“[We] just kept coming back to Colorado, not only because it’s a beautiful place, but because we felt like our music resonated and we got a good response,” Cie said.

“Yeah, good people, beautiful place!” Carrisa responded.

Both artists said Colorado has a special way of helping musicians find their voice.

“Our latest album was written almost entirely in Ridgway and Ouray,” Carrisa said. “It has this real mountain vibe”.

These days, Cie and Carrisa Hoover travel around Colorado sharing their music with communities across our state.

Their band is called, ‘You Knew Me When’. You can learn more about it by clicking here.