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GOLDEN —  A mock gas line explosion took place in Golden on Wednesday to educate emergency officials on what should be done in this sort of situation.

The event was put on by Colorado 811, the non-profit notification center for Colorado. Prior to digging anywhere in the state, folks need to call 811.

“In doing that they make sure to get all of their utility lines marked and at that point they are free to dig. They can avoid damaging any underground utilities,” said Whitney Nichols with Colorado 811.

The mock explosion featured a ‘what not to do’ scenario, where a piece of machinery struck a gas line. It included emergency personnel who also responded to the staged scene.

“Emergency responders like fire and EMS will come on site in case there’s anyone who’s hurt or prevent anyone from getting hurt,” Nichols said.

In a real-life situation, people should evacuate the scene and secure it so no one else can enter it. Directly afterward, they should contact 911 and then call 811.

“We’re hoping everyone is prepared in case something happens like this,” Nichols said.

For more helpful information, visit Colorado 811’s website.