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BOULDER — Competing with public artwork produced in big cities can be tough for smaller communities. In Boulder, some creative folks came up with a unique idea to deal with that.

It’s part of the community’s Creative Neighborhoods program, which uses city funds (provided by taxpayers) to commission local artists to produce murals on garage doors, fences and homes.

“They were trying to get different locations all over the city so that every neighborhood was represented,” said Alexa Allen, a Boulder resident.

Allen’s home was selected by the city for one of the murals. The mural was created by artist Lindee Zimmer and highlights the strength and energy of women.

“Painting the mural on the side of Alexa’s house is one of the most positive mural experiences I’ve had,” Zimmer said. “It becomes part of the fabric and dialogue and narrative of that community”.

The city plans to add more pieces of art to its neighborhoods through the rest of the year — with additional pieces slated for 2020.

To learn more about the program, click here.

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