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DENVER — These days, everyone wants to have their voices heard on social media. However, finding an audience to listen can be difficult.

A little more than a year ago, a man named Andrew Neighbors fell in to that group. But 14 months later, he has a following that would make some celebrities jealous!

Andrew Goes Places” is Neighbors’ YouTube Channel. To date he’s had more than 3.5 million video views. On Instagram he has nearly 75,000 followers.

“When I hit a million [YouTube video views] I was baffled. The fact it keeps going up is crazy,” Neighbors said.

Neighbors followed other vloggers for a while and figured he’d give it a shot.

What sets his vlogs (video blogs) and pictures apart, he said, is originality. He opens up all aspects of his life to viewers. And the fact his life is ‘just normal’, he said, makes his content even more unique. Given how most vloggers try to be someone they’re not.

“If somebody can look into my life and see that I live a gay professional lifestyle and normalize that for that person and make that person feel more comfortable about who they are, then I’ve set out to do exactly what I wanted to do,” he said.

The response to Neighbors’ vlogs has been positive. He receives e-mails and letters from people simply saying, ‘Thank You’.

“That say things like: you have inspired me to come out to my family, because you’ve made me realize no matter what I am and who I am – I am normal,” Neighbors said.

Neighbors is a vlogger on the side. He’s actually an optometrist.

Dr. Andrew Neighbors’ social media following continues to grow week after week.

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