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ERIE, Colo. (KDVR) — A Boulder County man has been making art out of produce stickers since 1968.

“I just always did this kind of stuff,” explained Barry Snyder, the artist.

Snyder has produced about 35 pieces so far. Each one takes several months and a couple thousand produce stickers to complete.

“The little ‘Cuties’ always have a nice design and the blue ‘Chiquita’ stickers make a good background!” he said.

Each piece is unique. Snyder has produced art featuring John Lennon and Carmen Miranda, to name a few.

“It gives you a lot to work on in the winter!” Snyder joked.

His latest piece: a tribute to Osh Kosh, Wisconsin. Snyder grew up in that community.

“It will probably be 9 months by the time I’m finished,” Snyder said.

For a closer look at Snyder’s work, visit his website.