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FORT COLLINS, Colo. — A chance an encounter between a student at Colorado State University and a campus janitor lead to the creation of a brand new school house in war torn Uganda.

It started 3 years when Laura Schreck ran into Robert Serunjogi while waiting for a ride. She struck up a conversation with him and learned about his past and his new mission.

“He is from a village in Uganda,” Schreck said. “To give you an idea the village: no one is over the age of 46 due to a lot of deaths associated with the [civil] war [in that country] and also HIV and AIDS”.

The civil war destroyed buildings, villages and families; including school houses.

“And so Robert was telling me how he works here and at McDonalds and is doing classes to build this school/orphanage over in his home village,” Schreck said. “I heard that story and it really upset me just knowing I’m on this campus trying to change the world and here I met this man who’s doing it”.

So Schreck teamed up with Serunjogi and created a GoFundMe page. Together they raised more than $25,000 and built one school. They’re currently working on a second.

“Every human being should have access to education,” Serunjogi said.

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