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DENVER — A unique public art installation called ‘Blue Chipped’ is now on display at ‘Understudy’ located inside the Convention Center in downtown Denver.

‘Blue Chipped’ looks like a big, blue kiosk. Inside it you’ll find artist Jonathan Saiz, who is creating a thousand little paintings. Saiz creates each painting inside ‘Blue Chipped’ and sells them for $20 — but you don’t have to pay the money right away.

“They take the painting now and using sort of a trust based honor system they leave their email address and then I’ll send them an invoice,” Saiz said.

Said said the ‘value’ of each piece he creates is measured in an expression of trust.

‘Understudy’ is located at the Colorado Convention Center.

You can swing by and meet Saiz 7 days a week from 10am-10pm.

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