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BOULDER —  A student from the CU Boulder has been honored with a prestigious scholarship for her work on a web comic geared at helping LGBTQ youth.

Emma Oosterhous created ‘Alphabet Soup‘ two-and-a-half years ago.

“Basically what it is, is people send me submissions. They’ll send me an e-mail saying, ‘Can you illustrate this time in my life where [take for instance] I came out to my mom,” she said. “So that’s what I do. I take people’s stories and I illustrate them in a page or two and then I post them on Tumblr”.

Oosterhous has received more than 300 submissions. Her comics are so inspiring she was awarded the prestigious Marshall scholarship.

“It’s my whole heart making comics for queer kids and I really want to be able to study that and do it professionally and to reach as big an audience as possible,” she said.

The scholarship will allow Oosterhous to do her graduate studies overseas in Scotland – where she’ll continue to produce ‘Alphabet Soup’.

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