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FORT COLLINS — A 1940s inspired candy storm has opened in Old Town Fort Collins and it’s drawing quite the crowd.

“They come in here and this is more of a walk down memory lane. Especially older people,” explained owner Tony Vallejos.

Vallejos owned ‘The Fort Collins Candy Store Emporium’ about 7 weeks ago. He created the shop after spending 39 years as an artist and designer in California.

Vallejos figured it was time to retire from that industry and decided on opening a candy store.

“And I thought what better way to grow old then into an old fashioned candy store?” he joked.

The store offers about 700 different types of candy as well as old memorabilia.

Vallejos said it’s the old style of candy you really can’t find anywhere else.

‘The Fort Collins Candy Store Emporium’ is located at 227 Jefferson Street in Fort Collins.