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DENVER — Alcohol will be part of many Super Bowl parties this weekend, but that will also make the roads a dangerous place.

The last time the Broncos were in the Super Bowl, in 2014, Super Bowl Sunday was the second deadliest day on Colorado roads and more than 40 percent of the fatal crashes were alcohol related.

“We just think there are going to be a lot more people out on the roads, a lot more people going to parties and unfortunately there may be more people driving drunk,” said Fran Lanzer with Mothers Against Drunk Driving Colorado.

The Colorado State Patrol increased its DUI patrols beginning on Friday night and plans to keep the effort going through the weekend. Last year they made 234 DUI arrests on Super Bowl weekend. Compare that to 327 DUI arrests the last time the Broncos played on Super Bowl Sunday.

“I`m an Uber guy, through and through and so is everyone that will be at my party,” said Joe Bellio who is hosting a party on Sunday.

Uber and MADD are partnering on a promotion this weekend. If you are hosting a party and create an Uber Event before kickoff, you can create a special promotion code for your guests and help offset the cost of a ride. Uber will also give MADD a $10 donation for each event.

“That`s great. I will do that actually,” Bellio said. “And if … I should say WHEN the Broncos win … we will definitely be out on the town in an Uber.”