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DENVER — A woman is warning people to think twice about your safety when ordering a ride from Uber. She said the driver who took her to Denver International Airport dropped her off and then went back to try to break into her house.

Police identified the driver as 51-year-old Gerald Montgomery. On Tuesday, the Denver Police Department said Montgomery, who was wanted for attempted burglary, was taken into custody in Jefferson County.

The incident happened last week. The woman said Montgomery went back to her home in the University neighborhood and went for the back door to break in, but her roommate foiled the alleged crime.

She posted the Uber receipt the driver sent to her Facebook page and showed the driver’s picture, allowing police to identify the suspect.

The roommate wrote, “I had just gotten home when he was about to get in the back door. He probably thought no one else was here. Friends that take Uber, please be careful.”

The ride to the airport cost $39.88, according to the receipt. The alleged victim said there was no way she would use Uber again.

“I just paid $90 to come home from the airport today in a cab.,” she said.

She said the extra money is worth the extra security.

Upon learning about the incident, Uber said it reached out to the rider. The company also said it removed the driver’s access to the Uber platform pending an investigation.