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GILPIN COUNTY, Colo. –Two female Gilpin County residents were hospitalized Sunday after being attacked by a moose, police said.

The victims were walking with dogs near the Forest Hills subdivision in Black Hawk about noon when the incident occurred, Gilpin County dispatch said.

The women remained in the hospital Monday in fair condition.

“All of a sudden he looked at me grunted and then charged,” says 50-year-old Jackqueline Boron. She spoke to FOX31 Denver at St. Anthony Hospital where she is recovering from serious injuries.

“When I  fell back he got me here … got me on the head,” she says. The moose came out of nowhere. Her friend, 57-year-old Ellen Marie Divis was also trampled. She was injured but managed to get away and find help.

“I heard ‘help me, help me, help me,'” says neighbor Chris Hockley. He ran to help. “This lady comes running covered in blood … ‘he’s still hurting her he’s still hurting her,’ she was saying.”

“I tried to get up and he kept coming back to stomp on me,” Boron says.

She says their dogs weren’t barking, but wildlife experts say dogs are very similar to wolves, which are the only natural predator of moose.

Boron has four broken ribs, staples in the back of her head and 15 stitches on her leg, along with bruises all over her body.

She plans to hike again, just not anywhere near moose.

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