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DENVER — If you’re getting nervous about Tuesday morning’s commute, RTD is reminding people about its light rail train and bus services.

While both options are available, RTD suggests light rail over the bus service.

“Rail is probably the safest bet just in case there are really slick roads out there. But our bus service is great. We’re constantly updating,” said Nate Currey, RTD’s senior manager of public relations.

There are more than 75 light rail locations in the metro area, including a couple hundred bus stops.

Riders near a light rail stop downtown said Monday they prefer the rail, knowing they’ll likely be safe.

“I wouldn’t drive in this at all. Nope, because I’m a Colorado native. Not to blame the out-of-towners, but they’re not used to this,” said Theresa Will, an RTD rider.

RTD suggests giving an extra 30-45 minutes if you plan to use its services and to check its website.