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DENVER — A Wyoming mother spent the last month of her pregnancy in Denver just to give birth at Presbyterian- St. Luke’s Medical Center.

“You look at like shows and stuff on TV of people who have quadruplets and you’re like oh wow, they have four,” Heather Olsen said. “I never would’ve thought it was us.”

Olsen and her husband Dustin are now parents to a set of quadruplets. Adalee, Kian, Kohen and Allie arrived Saturday.

“I don’t think its hit yet,” Olsen said.

This will bring the Olsen family offspring total to six. Six kids all younger than 5 years old.

The quads were born at just 32 weeks. Doctors say most are born at 29 weeks. The new babies are still in the NICU while mom recovers.

“It’s truly a miracle,” Olsen said.

It’s been eight years since quadruplets were born at St. Luke’s. Quadruplets are extremely rare and the pregnancy involves a lot risks. Olsen started her stay in the hospital on Aug. 1.

Right now, mom can only hold two of the children. While it’s not ideal, doctors say the babies are healthy.

The family was surprised at first, but said their new life, full of six kids, was meant to be.

“I would not have it any other way,” Olsen said.

None of the quads is identical.