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IRMO, S.C. — A South Carolina photographer is going viral for replicating a swaddled baby photo-shoot with a grown woman.

And the results were hilarious.

According to WTVT, Stephanie Smith of Southern Stitched Photography said that her high school friend, Nicole Ham, came up with the idea and she brought it to life.

Smith shared the hilarious photos on Facebook on Saturday and the post has gone viral with more than 20,400 shares with the caption “Because your best friend only turns 336 months once.”

The photo featured Ham swaddled in a pink blanket along with a sign that said “336 months old. Loves- Champagne, Hates- Dating in 2018. Go Tigers!”

“From shopping & laying out flowers in the store to see if we had enough to fit an adult to a collaborative effort between myself & Nicole’s mom to swaddle her…We couldn’t keep a straight face!” Smith told WTVT.