Woman shocked when rapper Ludacris buys her groceries at Atlanta Whole Foods

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ATLANTA — A woman who said she had been suffering several problems since her husband died of brain cancer four years ago received an act of kindness from a shopper as she stood in the checkout line at a grocery store.

Therra Jaramillo said she suffered several financial hits, was left to take care of several rescued pets alone and was rationing gas.

She said a friend sent her a gift card for Whole Foods to help her out.

“I went to a Whole Foods across town with a dream of hummus and fresh food. Real dog food for the pups. Maybe a pizza with roasted exotic toppings,” she said.

When she got to the checkout, she said she was so tired that the food for her pets ended up in the groceries of the man in front of her. She also had gone over the amount of the gift card.

She apologized to the cashier, but the man in front of her said: “I might as well get it.”

She said she tried to stop the cashier and hand her the gift card.

The man stopped her and said, “I said I got this.”

She said she started to cry and asked his name. He told her it was Chris. They shook hands and she hugged and thanked him before he left.

“The cashier came around to put the last of my treasures into my cart and said casually to me, ‘You know that’s Ludacris, right?’ Jaramillo wrote on Facebook. “‘WHAT,’ I screamed. ‘I love him!’”

The freelance writer went into great detail about her experience on Facebook, and the post has since gone viral.

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