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April 26 has been universally declared Alien Day.


Well, according to the internet, Ridley Scott’s 1986 sequel ‘Aliens’ was set on a colonial moon that was known as LV-426 before being given the name Acheron. Fans (or someone) decided that correlates with the date 4/26.

“The first official Alien Day was held in 2016, to celebrate the film’s 30th anniversary,” the Sun reported.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to promote the upcoming film “Alien: The Covenant” which comes out on May 19 and stars Katherine Waterston, James Franco and Michael Fassbender. (Scroll down to watch the trailer.)

But more importantly, it’s a great excuse to post photos, memes and gifs of your favorite aliens and alien-related humor. Here are a few we enjoyed and we hope you will, too!