Wedding ring found in toilet 11 years after it was lost

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BROOMFIELD, Colo. — If you’ve lost your wedding ring, you might want to check your toilet.

That is advice Sheila Hatfield wishes she knew 11 years ago. In 2006, her then 3-year-old daughter Kiara picked up the ring from her nightstand early one morning and it was never seen again.

“I heard them go chink, chink and I’m like ‘Oh my gosh, where’s my ring?’” Hatfield said.

Hatfield and her husband spent countless hours tearing the house apart to find the ring. They checked under furniture, in between the carpet and wall, and they even took bookshelves apart to look for it.

“We stuck cameras down in the vents to see if it had fallen down,” Hatfield said. “Our last resort was I called a few psychics.”

None of it worked.

“I was in tears for a lot of nights wondering why it happened and where it could be,” she said.

Fast forward 11 years to Labor Day. The family had been remodeling their home and had their old upstairs toilet sitting in the garage.

Their now teenage daughter Kiara moved the toilet to the side to reach the back of the garage, and out popped a hidden treasure.

“I just looked down and I saw this old rusty washer covered in gunk and I’m like, ew,” Hatfield said.

Little did she know the place you go is the place it went.

“I was looking at it and Larry’s like, ‘What is that?’” she said, “And I was like, do you know what this is? It’s my wedding ring.”

It was covered in crusty calcium and hard water deposits, but cleaned up good as new.

“I hope it was in the tank and not in the bottom,” Hatfield said.

While they have a lot of questions about how and why the ring ended up in the toilet, the couple said they are just glad to have it back.

“I now know I can find treasure absolutely anywhere,” Hatfield said.

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