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BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. — Snowboarder Cheri Luther and her friend Amy Loofa were making a run at Breckenridge on Friday morning when a galloping moose joined them.

The wild encounter happened quickly and Luther was able to make sure she stayed safely out of the animal’s way while shooting video at the same time.

“I turned around to make sure [Loofa] was still behind me, but instead I saw a moose trekking down the front side of the mountain,” Luther wrote on Instagram.

“Afraid to stop in the middle of an open run while strapped to my snowboard, I thought it best to keep moving and get out of the animal’s way. It was a crazy sight to see and definitely one we won’t forget!”

She said she was glad to find out the moose was just running down the mountain and not chasing her.

Luther said they were coming down the Wirepatch run on Peak 7 to catch the chairlift to Peak 6 when the moose appeared.

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That time I turned around and saw this guy wanting a race

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