Boulder house cat enjoys close encounter with mountain lion

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BOULDER, Colo. — Curiosity killed the cat? Well, not this time — perhaps thanks to a thin pane of glass and a man with a camera.

Earlier this week, Tom Mabe posted a video that he said was shot from inside his friend’s home in Boulder. It shows one of his friend’s two house cats curiously observing a fellow feline — a mountain lion at least twice its size — outside the window.

For what it’s worth, the mountain lion appears to be the more curious of the two, constantly batting at the glass separating the two in a seemingly playful manner.

A second domestic cat can be seen in the background, appearing far more hesitant. The one near the window at one point meows at the larger predator, prompting a threatening hiss from the mountain lion.

Trying to get a closer look, Mabe and his wife seem to spook the mountain lion, with the big cat slowly wandering off as the camera approaches. But it seemed Mabe’s wife may have gotten the bigger scare.

After seeing the mountain lion through the window in the backyard, she feverishly asks Mabe, “Where are the kids.”

“They’re out back,” he says.

“Tommy are you kidding me?” his wife responds, at which point in time Mabe reveals the couple’s kids are still in asleep.

“That is not funny,” his wife says as the video comes to a close. “You about gave me a heart attack.”

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