Vilified “Jeopardy” champion Arthur Chu finally defeated

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BURBANK, Calif. — “Jeopardy” champion Arthur Chu has finally been defeated. Chu finished with $0 on Wednesday’s edition of the syndicated quiz show.

He won 12 days in a row, taking home a total of $297,000, but was unseated by Diana Peloquin of Ann Arbor, Mich. who led for the day with $15,700.

Chu, a 30-year-old Ohio native, caused an uproar among “Jeopardy” fans for his unconventional style. He ditched the usual practice of finishing off each category’s questions in turn. Instead, he took a more random approach to his category choices, which tended to keep his opponents off-balance.

Chu’s strategy fueled criticism from “Jeopardy” traditionalists who contended that he was being unsportsmanlike.

Chu struggled for much of his final appearance on the show Wednesday, when, in Final Jeopardy, he risked and lost his entire day’s bankroll — $6,400 — on the question: “He was the last male monarch who had not previously been Prince of Wales.”

Peloquin was the only contestant with the right answer, George VI.

CNN contributed to this story

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