Video: One kid’s ultimate meal protest but not for the usual reason

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A mother filmed a video of her son asking questions in Portuguese about the meal that was put in front of him.

According to the YouTube account, the poster’s name is Flavia Cavalcanti.

The video was then shared by the Facebook page above with English subtitles.

In the video, you can see she has given her son, Luiz Antonio, a plate of Octopus Gnocchi and he protesting the dish, but not for the reason kids usually do.

The little boy starts at first by asking, “The Octopus isn’t real, right?”  The mother said, “No.”

But Luiz Antonio is not done questioning, he asks more questions to which is mom responds that the animal in his meal doesn’t have a head. Still skeptical, the boy asks if the Octopus’ head is back in the sea.  The mom explained that the animal’s head was back at the fish market.

Then after learning a man had chopped the animal up before his mother purchased it, he seemed worried but kept asking, “why?”

To that the mother responded, “So we can eat it, just like a cow is chopped, and a chicken is chopped…”

The puzzled boy said “no one eats animals!”  He then told his mom that Octopus are animals, they are all animals.

“Then when we eat animals . . . they die,” Luiz Antonio worried inquisitively.  “Those animals, you got to take car of them and not eat them,” he taught his mother.

In the end his mom gave in and said, “You’re right son,” and just told him he could eat the potatoes and rice from the plate.

Luiz Antonio then notices his mother crying and asks how come.  She said that she was moved by his questions.

The video on YouTube was titled, “Luiz Antonio – The argument to not eat Octopus.”

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