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NEW YORK — The newest issue of Time magazine will create a buzz when it hits newsstands on Friday. The cover features the magazine’s classic logo and border made-up entirely of illuminated drones. The picture was also taken by a drone.

According to AdAge, the shoot happened on May 3 in Folsom, California.

Time said it worked with Intel’s drone team to plan the event. A YouTube video shows the hundreds of drones forming the design with remarkable precision.

It was one of the largest drone shows in the United States since the technology was invented.

A display featuring more than 1,200 drones at the Olympic opening ceremonies in South Korea earlier this year drew worldwide attention.

AdAge said the Time formation was about 328 feet tall. The drones were aligned at a slight angle to prevent their downdrafts from moving others out of place.

Following the display, one Folsom resident told Time, “Up in the sky, I saw the future.”