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MANHATTAN, Kan. — A Kansas State University student who had his Kit Kat bar stolen out of his car last week now has thousands of them in its place.

Hunter Jobbins became an internet star after a thief allegedly stole a candy bar from his unlocked car and left only an apology note.

The original note had read: “Saw Kit-Kat in your cut holder. I love Kit-Kats so I checked your door and it was unlocked.”

“Did not take anything other than the Kit-Kat. I am sorry and hungry.”

Afterward, Kit Kat promised to reimburse Jobbins for the stolen treat, but it went above and beyond. The candy company filled his car with 6,500 delicious candy bars.

Students at the university turned out in droves for Jobbins to break them off a piece of his Kit Kat bar.

As you can imagine, Jobbins is not angry at the alleged thief, instead he would like the criminal to come forward and share in the spotlight.

“If the Kit Kat thief is reading this or keeping up with this, I would love for you to come and tell me, and I’ll give you a big hug, a thank you and a lot of Kit Kats,” Jobbins told The Collegian.