Teen who replaced sister’s goldfish with baby carrots is still waiting for her to notice

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It’s been several days since Samuel Annis replaced his sister’s goldfish with two baby carrots — but he’s still waiting for her to notice.

And he’s not alone. Thousands of others are following the great goldfish swap on Twitter.

The tweet Annis posted on Sunday had been retweeted more than 67,000 times and liked almost 200,000 times by Wednesday.

“She doesn’t carrot all about her fish,” Twitter user Freddy Cabrales commented.

But the people of the Twittersphere care a great deal and have been clamoring for updates.

“Day 4 still hasn’t said a thing,” Annis tweeted on Monday.

“where the fish at? Are they safe? She doesnt deserve them,” one person asked.

“They safe in my tank where they get fed regularly,” Annis replied. “better than before.”

Annis added a photo of the fish, who appear to be doing swimmingly in their new SpongeBob-themed habitat.

Satisfied the fish are safe, the people of Twitter moved on to being concerned about the baby carrots.

“take the carrots away too, she doesn’t deserve them either,” one person commented.

“they are neglected carrots,” another wrote.

Others came up with alternate theories about the carrots that could spark a new trend in low-maintenance pets.

“why are there no floating food pellets? does your sister usually never feed her fish? OR ARE THE CARROTS EATING THE FISH FOOD?! BRB BUYING PET CARROTS,” @halfhavenot wrote.

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