‘Starbucks Uncle’ takes internet by storm as he sits at Starbucks during a flood

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HONG KONG — While Asia is being pounded by Typhoon Sarika and Super Typhoon Haima the area has been experiencing severe flooding. But, one man didn’t let a little water stop him from enjoying his coffee.

A photo of a man sitting at a Starbucks in Hong Kong while it’s flooding has gone viral and the internet has since named him “Starbucks Uncle.”

The post was shared by TV Most, a local television station and has gone viral since. The post says: “Huh? Hey! Newspaper says it will be raining today! Damn it! I forgot my umbrella.”

The picture was taken by Kristy Chan, who told the BBC she was taking photos in the shopping center to show her family the flooding, when she came across the man.

“It was quite funny,” Chan told BBC, “Maybe he already has that many life experiences so the flood didn’t bother him at all.”

Chan also told the BBC that the man wasn’t alone, there were other people in the building as well.

As you can imagine, the internet loves “Starbucks Uncle” and have taken to Facebook and Twitter with amazing photoshops of the man just reading his paper, regardless of what’s happening around him.

Like a shark appearing.

And a giant explosion.

And a giant wave.

One Photoshop user moved Starbucks Uncle to the beach.

For more, check out the #StarbucksUncle on Twitter and Facebook.

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