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NEW YORK – You never know what you’ll see on the subway.

Brady Marter was riding a train from Canal Street when he said he found some old Polaroids on the platform.

“Once I realized what they were, I knew how valuable (the photos) were,” Marter said.

The photos were candid shots taken in the mid-1970s during the filming of the cult classic move, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

Marter is a fan and he knows about photography. He picked up the pictures and eventually posted about the underground find on numerous fan and collector sites.

A few years later, he says he heard from Larry Viezel, who had been working in the area. Viezel runs many “Rocky Horror” fan sites and is currently producing a documentary about the show.

Viezel said he purchased the pictures from a collector and remembered rushing to catch a train when his bag broke on the platform.

After Viezel emailed him to describe the day and place he lost the photos, Marter knew he had finally found the rightful owner and returned the one-of-a-kind photos.

“One thing I’ve learned throughout all this is that it is great to know that there people as wonderful and genuine as Brady out there,” Viezel said.