Pregnant CNN anchor is OK after passing out during live broadcast

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A CNN news anchor passed out during a live broadcast on Monday morning, causing concern for viewers.

Poppy Harlow was reporting on terrorism and U.S. foreign policy when she began to stutter then slur her words. All of a sudden there was only silence on the air; the national broadcast to briefly cut out and went to a break.

After the short break, Harlow got back on air and calmly explained that the hot TV studio lights caused her to briefly pass out but she quickly recovered.

“I am fine . . . we’re going to take a quick break,” Harlow said very professionally, when she returned to air moments later.

Viewers were questioning what happened on Twitter and Harlow responded and thanked everyone for their concern.

She assured everyone that she was fine and only left the broadcast because she is pregnant and wanted to consult a doctor to make sure everything was all right.

She sent the following the update on her condition:

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