New website encourages angry voters to drunk dial Congress


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DENVER — With Americans’ approval ratings of their Congress bottoming out in the low single digits, it’s clear that many people have some strong words for their representatives on Capitol Hill. And a new shutdown-inspired website is making it easy to reach them — perhaps dangerously so.

Seizing on numerous reports that House members were openly drinking before and during the negotiations that ran the federal government aground two weeks ago, the creators of Drunk Dial Congress are encouraging angry voters to have a few pops and reach out to Washington.

With the click of a mouse, the site calls your phone and connects you to a random Capitol Hill office. It also provides talking points for talking with politicians and (helpfully) several drink recipes.

“Whether you are a furloughed worker, being forced to work for free, or just fed up at Capitol Hill: call and yell at a random member of Congress,” the site reads.

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