New perfume smells like marijuana strain

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The days of spraying perfume to mask the smell of marijuana might be giving way to actually paying money to smell like weed.

Perfume company Xyrena, the self-proclaimed “defiant cosmetics startup,” is offering up perfumes that not only mimic the smell of cannabis, but are even strain specific.

Currently, the company is marketing three unisex scents that are said to simulate the smells of the strains Blue Dream, OG Kush and Space Cake.

The perfumes are not for those opposed to the strong odor; Xyrena even includes the word “skunk” in the description of the Blue Dream strain scent.

Each of the unisex perfumes go for $74.20. While the scents don’t contain any actual cannabis, that didn’t stop the owner of Xyrena, Killian Wells, from creating a psychedelic video celebrating the scent.

Other products sold by the company include tote bags and throw pillows.

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